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From ideas to outcomes – where to begin?

From ideas to outcomes – where to begin?

An email comes in, the phone rings or you’re looking at your next quarter’s projected revenues …

You know you need to promote services, sales or fundraising and create results.

There are many options available and a lot of buzz, but what will ultimately help you achieve your goals?

We get a lot of questions from people about what tools are the best to use for a specific outcome. What people often don’t think of is what the sum of the parts for their strategy is. What do you want to achieve in both the short and long term and what strategies and tactics will make the most sense for your unique situation?

“What do you ultimately want to do, to accomplish?”

If an organization is looking to fundraise, selecting a transaction tool is critically important but so is the campaign used to generate the donor interest. How can a relationship be developed that will lead to the conversion? How can a site and other tools be leveraged to establish and build that relationship?

This is a question we often ask.

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